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a bit of it. >> okay. my last question is for you, mr. rupert murdoch. you said that your friend 52 years i think has stepped down and has resigned because he was in charge of the company at the time. in other words he said he was the captain of the ship and therefore he was lobbying. is it not the case that you for the captain of the ship, you are the chief executive officer of news corporation but you are in charge of it and you do not regard yourself as a hint of chief executive. this terrible thing happened on your watch. [inaudible] >> no. >> why not? >> because i feel that people i trusted him i'm not saying who, let me down and i think they behaved distastefully and be treated the company and me. i think that frankly prime the best person to clear this up. specs before mr. murdoch. i do very much appreciate your and encourage and having seen this through despite what just happened to you. thank you. >> thank you [inaudible] when you signed off on the payment, did you see or were you made aware of that transcript that he had? >> nope. i was not aware of that at the time. >> th
rupert murdoch's minions are not going off to have drinks with those they blass is not real americans and sympathizers and terrorists and the other rhetoric that comes out of the upper right to in from the left as well. irate for the left-wing blogs like the "huffington post" you can find my work regularly. when you read the comments and the articles, it is a fiery confrontation taking place from both sides and the idea and a polite to middle ground or loreal opposition is out the window. here is the third element i told you to remind me of. somebody did and they are just looking at me. [laughter] in the book "sex, mom & god" i talk about my mother. why? it is easy to play the game of demonizing see other. >> you would think there was sit-in's cousin in a way they never seem to read. they do nasty things which is okay, because you don't need friends from the fact is when will see a story of edith schaeffer in sit you believe it would be a litmus test. >> about scripture and theology but if your action reit. >> bereday man who has hitch a ride to his way across europe now looking for a
that the best medicine for me would be edgy story. rupert murdoch had just bought the "wall street journal" and dow jones. and light from my rehab room i was, you know, looking up everything we had done on rupert murdoch been talking to the reporters who were going to work on a big story about him. and he was right. it was a great spirit lifter and a great thing to focus on instead of myself. >> to talk about tumbling 100 feet down to hell and yosemite. >> i did. >> what year was that. >> that was a year ago, a little over a year ago. i probably should not have been rage or mountain climbing. i went on a pretty steep climb of a beautiful place called specimen rich. on the way down i hit some scree and just lost my footing. so, yes. the fifties have been perilous for me. >> and then what happened, how much injury did you have? >> not terrible. i broke my arm. >> so this is all in the last four years. >> yes. the fifties have proven perilous. i have never had any accidents or been in hospital. >> i guess someone to ask you. >> how did you then get through these four years with all this healt
, and then mr. rupert murdoch gave a public statement which you set out in paragraph 34 where he said it is clear in this case that the young man -- i think that's you -- went over the top. i have no hesitation in making public this demonstration. now, i've reminded mr. morgan this is responsibility to the care with which he is an editor subscribes to in his employment. the company will not tolerate disrepute the best practices of popular journalism and then we'll return to that in a moment. may i ask you, though, a little bit in this first witness statement to deal with the issue of private investigators. we're now at paragraph 50 on our page 24202. you have no recollection of any personal involvement in use of private investigators during your time at the "news of the world." well, we're looking there at a period which, i think, was less than two years. to paragraph 51, "the daily mirror" would from time to time engage private investigators during my time as editor. such people were used for fact-checking articles and stories the journalists had uncovered or about which they had rec
that illegal behavior has no place in this company, that goes to the whole company. >> mr. rupert murdoch you were the chairman of the chief executive of news corporation. you are ahead of the global company the review. given these allegations that you extend indeed when you open the settlement use it was the least [inaudible] given -- i'm sorry, humble. that is a mystique. the most humble day of your life you feel humbled by these events you are ultimately in charge of the company. given your shock and these things being made and the fact you didn't know anything about them have instructed your editors around the world to engage in the review of the newsrooms to be sure of other news corporation cases around the globe and if not will you do so? >> no but i am more than prepared to do so. >> thank you. one final question or two final questions. the first is you touched earlier, mr. james murdock, very briefly you touched on the general culture of the phone hacking and the legal practices and that is what has happened in this country. if i could put a couple of things to you. pierce morgan, wh
criticism -- you wrote to mr rupert murdoch in new york about your concerns to his attention. did you receive a reply to that weather? >> that letter was written on the tenth of march this year and i sent it by recorded delivery and 1/2 evidence from the united states postal service and also sent two e-mails. all always asking him to do was to order an inquiry but got no reply. i cannot imagine life in a proper international company with serious criminal conduct for a senior employee who gets no reply. sorry to say this but i think i will if i may. the is the conduct of the mafia. would you expect if you wrote to the head of la mafia family complaining about one of their soldiers. you would probably get no reply and if one of their soldiers went to prison as mr. reese did and properly employed when he came out after serving a sentence for a serious offense, you would expect that from the mafia. you would not expected from a serious company like news international down in washington. >> doubt was your legal team will remind me in a few months to get a reply which may be possible to do
on 24th of july 2008. criticisms that dispelled that. you wrote to mr. rupert murdoch in new york, drawing it to his attention. did you receive a reply to that letter? >> no, i didn't. that letter was written on the 10th of march, and i sent it by the court of delivery, and i have evidence from the united states postal service it was delivered. i also sent two e-mails. and i was astonished because all i was asking him to do was to order an inquiry into this. i got no reply. and i have to say that i cannot imagine rising to a proper international company a letter alleging serious criminal conduct by a senior employee and get no reply. and i'm sorry to say this, but i think i will, if i may. that's conduct you suspect if -- expect if you wrote a letter to a mafia leader about one of the soldiers. but if it was a serious offense, you would expect it from the ma mafia, not a large company like this. >> your legal team will remind me in due course to get the reply, which you have been seeking because it may be possible to do that. >> thank you. >> i hope you don't mind, mr. mosely, if
that route as well. >> unless contest about the settlements of your claim. he referred to rupert murdoch which i think was probably july. >> it was a very tense meetings. >> indeed he made it clear that what happened was socially unacceptable. >> he did. yes. he was very sincere. >> you refer to a letter from the company and a meeting with this by minister which i don't think this deserves to go into a suit like to. and sq, both of you about the section of your statements to is the future. you care to consider press and culture and even ethics, which looking back in time, also here to makes and recommendations. this is your sense. is there anything you like to suggest? >> i think when we went to see the three party leaders of trimester regress the question at that time we are ordinary people, so we have no experience in such a public situation. so no experience from a media, control media involvement situation. that's always been our own best judgment as to how we dealt with these matters. >> it was more was the extent of football. the inquiry could make the decisions. >> it appears that
was upheld by the dcc and then mr rupert murdoch gave a public statement which you set out in 34 where he said it is clear the young man, that's you, went over and had no hesitation to make the public demonstration. now i've reminded mr. morgan forcefully this is the responsibility to which she is an editor subscribes to in the employment. the company will not tolerate the company's best practices of the popular journalism. i'm going to return to that in a moment. they ask you a little bit in this first witness statement to deal with the issue of the investigators would now be 50 on page 24202 you have no recollection of any personal involvement in the use of the private investigators during your time in the news of the world but we were looking at the period that i think was less than two years. so paragraph 51 from time to time they would engage in a private investigative journalism during my time as editor the professionals were useful tools in securing the water it in evidence for or fact checking the articles and stories the journalists had uncovered about which they received. do you
rupert murdoch, he has all these things going on. the you think he will let the guy at 5:00 say about this stuff, but this together, it's completely wrong and still never? >> that is exactly what i think. come out there and say a bunch of things that are completely wrong and stay on the network. he said a planning is back in the nixon days. you as happy to see glen beck go as i am? you satisfied? c-span: glen beck. >> a special place in my heart. c-span: why is that? >> believe me. a lot of material. no i don't even talk about him anymore because not only has this profile ended on fox news, but his influence has faded. zero while kaytoo was doing. his ratings were high, and did he tell us what this man this is what is wrong, to be, is this is just one factor of what is wrong with u.s. media. the foxes model and then there is everybody else's. what they've managed to do is with people into a frenzy. they work on fear and paranoia, and you have a man like glen r onsed and probablyi do think the key is telling you news with the is acting like this weird, you know, televangelist telling y
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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